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Service and Support

Today’s increasing quality standards are implemented through a growing number of DIN / ISO standards and certification requirements, which are imposed not only on large companies but increasingly on medium and small-scale industries. The latter are unfortunately often insufficiently equipped to deal with such complex compliance demands.

LICOI offers expert advice, client-specific solutions, sales and support to deliver the highly technical complexity and necessary customization and integration into your business processes. LICOI provides the optimal measurement infrastructure, configuring and customizing it for the industry at large, as well as for medium and small-scale businesses. 
We will gladly share our expert knowledge in these respective areas.

  • Customer-specific developments and implementations for measurement and evaluation of various optical characteristics. Contact us and let us know your requirements !
  • Photometry, spectrometry and colorimetry versus viewing-direction
  • design and development of customer specific test and measurement systems, upgrading and modification of existing systems, implementation of special features and accessories,
  • gonioscopic (mechanical scanning) und conoscopic systems,
  • receiver systems (single-channel detectors with optics, multichannel detectors, one and two-dimensional detectors with optics),
  • illumination systems, light sources,
  • data-acquisition, data processing and evaluation,
  • graphical representation of the results and interpretation.
  • Metrology for a variety of quantities via optical detection (e.g. thin-film thickness, pretilt-angle, etc.).
  • Patents and technical documentation
  • patent search and expert statements,
  • technical documentations and translations (German - English - German).
  • Metrology services
  • Measurement and evaluation of the visual performance of (electronic) displays, (contrast, grayscale and color-characteristics, color-gamut, anti-reflection treatment, etc.),
  • Measurement and evaluation of scattering in transmission and reflection (BSDF, BTDF, BRDF).

Contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

Client-Specific Solutions