Displaymessgerät für die präzise Messung von Flickereffekten

The Display Flicker Analyzer FA-300 is designed for acquisition, recording, storage and evaluation of temporal variations of light intensity (luminance). The recorded variations can be evaluated to yield the following characteristics:
• image-formation time (ISO 9241-300),
• gray-level transitions times (ISO 9241-305),
• flicker components (ISO 9241-305),
• others.

The FA-300 comprises the following components:
• opto-electrical transducer (detector),
• low-pass filter (variable cut-off frequency),
• amplifer (variable gain),
• controller and
• USB-interface.


The receiver combines a collimating lens for imaging of the spot of measurement with an electro-optical transducer ("light detector"). The diameter of the circular field of measurement is continuously adjustable with an iris between 25 mm diameter and completely closed (this setting can be used for offset measurement). The detector can be a photodiode or a photo-multiplier-tube (PMT) depending on the requirements with respect to speed and sensitivity (order option). The electrical signal from the detector is first low-pass filtered to remove highfrequency noise components and then amplified with an adjustable gain (S1 – S3). The digitized detector signal is transmitted to the host computer for storage, evaluation and graphical representation.

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