Technische Daten
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InstrumentSpectroradiometer SR-LEDH
Dispersing elementDiffraction grating
PhotodetectorElectronically cooled linear CCD
Measurement angle2°/ 1°/  collimation only (motor drive)
Measurement distance350mm to ∞ (distance from metallic tip of objective lens)
Wavelength range380 - 780nm
Spectral bandwidth6 - 9nm (Half bandwidth)
Wavelength resolution1nm
Measurement modeAuto/Manual(Integral time/Frequency) / FIX
Measurement objectSpectral radiance Le: W・sr-1・m-2・nm-1
Calculation functionRadiance, Luminance, CIE1931 chromaticity coordinates xy
CIE1976 chromaticity coordinates u' v' Tristimulus value XYZ,
Correlated color temperature and Deviation,
CIE standard observer 2°/10°
Accuracy in luminance±2% or less (For standard illminant A)
Accuracy in chromaticity(x,y) : ±0,002 (For standard illuminant A)
Repeatability in luminance*12°: 0,3%(10cd/m² or more)
1°: 0,3%(30cd/m² or more)
Repeatability in chromaticity*22°: 0,0005(10cd/m² or more)
1°: 0,0005(30cd/m² or more)

Range of guaranteed luminance
accuracy (for standard illuminant A)*3

2°:10 - 1.500.000cd/m²
1°:30 - 4.500.000cd/m²
Polarization errorLuminance: 1% or less,
Spectral radiance: 5% or less (400 - 780 nm)
Measurement timeAbout 1 - 17 sec :Normal speed mode
About 0,4 - 5 sec : (FIX-Mode)
InterfaceLAN/RS-232C selectable
Power supplyDedicated AC adapter AC100V-240V, 50/60Hz, DC12V 33W
Operating conditionTemperature 5-35℃, Humidity:80% R.H. or less (no condensation)
External dimensionsApprox 413mm x 98mm x 231,5mm (LxWxD)
WeightApprox 5.3Kg (main unit only)

*¹ 2σ from 10 times continuous measurement at measuring angle 2°in normal speed mode.
*² Max value - Min value from 10 times continuous measurement at measuring angle 2°in normal speed mode.
*³ Measurable range in Normal and High speed mode.

Measurement area (Diameter φ)

Measurement distance (mm)

*The measurement distance is the distance from the tip of the metal fixture on the instrument of the objective lens.