Technische Daten
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InstrumentResponse Detector RD-80SA
OpticsObjective Lens:f=80mm, F2.5 / Eyepiece lens:5°view field
PhotodetectorPhotomultiplier tube
Measurement angle2° Only
Measurement distance350mm to ∞ (distance from metallic tip of objective lens)
FunctionX ,y ,L (x ,y : Chromaticity, L : Luminance),
u',v',L (u',v': Chromaticity, L : Luminance)
X ,Y ,Z (X ,Y ,Z : Tristimulus values),
Tc ,duv ,L (Tc : Color Temperature, duv : Deviation, L : Luminance)
Measurement timeAbout 1 second (Single measurement, Y filter only, Range 4, Auto
Analogue output
response time
80μs or less
※The response speed is the time required for the analog output of the
instrument to reach 90% of the peak value when measuring an LED
driven by a square wave from a function generator.
Measurable rangeAbout 0.1 - 10,000cd/m² (for standard illuminant A)
Accuracy *¹Luminance :±3% (2cd/m² or below)
                       :±2% (2cd/m² or above)
Chromaticity 1 :dx,dy:±0.0040 (2cd/m² or below)
                               :dx,dy:±0.0025 (2cd/m² or above)
Chromaticity 2 :dx,dy:±0.01 (O-55,Y-48,A-73B,IRA-05,T-44)
                              :dx,dy:±0.03 (R-61,B-46,V-44,G-54)
※For a combination of the standard source A and the colored glass
Repeatability *²Luminance : 2% (2cd/m² or below)
                        : 1% (2cd/m² or above)
Chromaticity : x,y: 0.003 (0.5cd/m² - 2cd/m²)
                       : x,y: 0.002 (2cd/m² or above)
Analogue output voltageAbout  0 - 3.4V
Measurement range8 Range (Auto range  or  Manual range)
Adjustment volume

Over, Under range adjustment : Adjustable over/under range level
Over range: : About 2 - 3.4V, Default 3.3V
Under range   :  About 0 - 1.2V, Default 0.03V
PMT sensitivity adjustment  :Adjustable sensitivity of PMT
Adjustable range  : 0 - 1.0V  
Recommend : 0.3 - 0.5V
Default : Factory adjust PMT sensitivity under following condition
200cd/m² (for standard illuminant A)
Analogue output 1.00V±0.05V
※High sensitivity cause noise level increase, so we recommend to use
within recommend level
Analogue offset adjustment :Adjustable analogue output offset
Adjustable range  :About ±1V
Default:0.05V (Dark)
Calibration standardTopcon Calibration standard (Standard illuminant A, 23℃± 3℃, 65%R.H.
or less)
DisplayDot-matrix 20caracters x 4rows with backlight
Power supplyDedicated AC Adapter DC12V,
AC100V - 240V 50/60Hz
Power consumptionAbout 30W
Operating conditionTemp: 20℃±5℃、Humid :50%±10%RH or less
Storage conditionTemp: -10℃ - 50℃, Humidity : 65%R.H. or less
External dimensionsAbout 328.5(L)×147.8(W)×171.5(H)mm
WeightApprox 3.5Kg (main unit only)

※The RD-80SA is adjusted to provide 1,000mV at measurement range 5 for 200cd/ m² of standard illuminant A.
※The upper limit of each measurement range is 3.4V ※Above figure is design reference value, may change slightly according to the machining precision of the aperture mirror.
※1:Standard illuminant A, Auto range
※2:Standard illuminant A, Auto range, SINGLE mode, 2σ